Shooting Sports USA

Congratulations to the AIAC Juniors members listed in the Jan 2004 of the NRA’s Shooting Sports USA magazine. At the bottom of page 10 in the “Score Sheet” section is a report about the Streator Shooting Camp that included junior air rifle matches for shooters attending the camp as well as regular area competitors.

The parts referring to the AIAC Juniors shooters are:

“The Sporter men’s class was won by Nicholas Meier of Glenview, IL…The sporter women’s class was won by Katrina Meier, Nicholas Meier’s sister”.

“The 3-position air rifle tournament was a hard-fought battle all the way to the end. The sporter class was won by Grace McHugh with a 524. Second was Matt Kou with a 515, and third was Hannah McHugh with a 504. The first-, second-, and third-place competitors were from Arlington Heights, IL, and they shoot on the same high school team.”

Nicholas Meier was also credited with third in the 75-foot outdoor 3-position match.