Junior Olympic 3P Air Rifle

To further expand on its mission to promote Olympic-style shooting,  AIAC recognized the need to start a junior shooting program to develop the next generation of Olympic shooting athletes. The Arlington International Airgun Club – Junior Division, the “AIAC Juniors”, was formed in February of 2002 with the support of Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) of Arlington Heights, Illinois, and a grant from the NRA Range Grant Program. This enabled the club to purchase the required equipment, and build a separate 3-position (3P) junior air rifle range with 16 firing points. The AIAC Juniors 3P Junior Olympic air rifle program teaches juniors, ages 12-21, proper gun safety, while also encouraging marksmanship proficiency and competitive advancement. The club supplies all of the equipment necessary for its students to participate in 3P sporter-class air rifle training sessions and competitions for a minimal membership cost and a small nightly range fee. The junior club is based on the most popular junior shooting discipline in the United States – 3P sporter-class air rifle. The 3P sporter-class air rifle discipline stresses training over equipment by restricting the type and cost of guns used, as well as limiting special shooting clothing.

All range activities operate under the control of an experienced Range Officer. The program is run by a NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, and utilizes coaches with experience in many different shooting disciplines. Guest coaches also present regular advanced training clinics for junior club members. Recent clinics have featured a former U.S. National Champion, U.S. National Rifle Team and U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) member, a former member of the India National Rifle Team, and a former Russian International rifle coach.