Junior Air Pistol

Building upon the success of the club’s Junior Olympic air rifle team, AIAC began developing a junior air pistol program in 2004. With the help of The NRA Foundation, AIAC was able to purchase state-of-the-art Olympic-quality air pistols for the entire team.

With support from Christian Liberty Academy, the club also began building a new air pistol range exclusively for its junior air pistol team.

It was also at that time that all three major U.S. competitive shooting sanctioning bodies – the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), the National Rifle Association (NRA), and USA Shooting (U.S. Olympic shooting governing body) – began jointly developing a national air pistol shooting discipline for younger boys and girls. Progressive Position Pistol (PPP) allows younger air pistol shooters to use a supported or 2-handed position as they develop their skills and strength toward an Olympic-style 1-handed position.

AIAC students have competed at national championship events in Bloomington, IL, Bowling Green, KY, Des Moines, IA, Anniston, AL, and at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

The club has been fortunate to have top International and Olympic competitors coach our students as well. Former Olympic air pistol competitor Michael Douglass and members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), among others, have come to our facility to help advance the skills of our junior shooters.

The AIAC Juniors welcomes all boys and girls, ages 12 and up, interested in learning advanced marksmanship skills to join the team!

You provide the dedication and determination – AIAC will provide the tools and training to get you to the top!